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Risk Management

An essential part of Vectormm's system is the mapping, managing and controlling of risks of an installation. For you as an asset owner, risk control is, of course, an absolute necessity. What we offer is a complete insight into the risks related to the use of your installation. We love to provide this clarity to you, and along the way, we will also show you the best way of controlling these risks. The choice is yours!

Vectormm Risk Management offers

  • The certainty of maximum availability of production
  • The certainty of optimum safety
  • The certainty that the burden on the environment is reduced to a minimum level
  • The certainty of an impeccable reputation
  • The certainty of maximum manageability of your costs
  • The certainty that all of the above matters are geared up to each other in a carefully balanced way

To achieve this, we deliver well-founded implementation, ensuring an efficient balance between maintenance, inspection and its documentation. In this way, we make results transparent and manageable for all stakeholders. Maximum risk management at minimal effort with the agreement of the authorities. Isn’t that is what everybody wants?

Vector Maintenance Management

As an asset owner, you know that the stakes are high. The playing field is huge and the investments are tremendous… It is, therefore, vital to ensure that business processes are structured in an adequate way and are kept in place under all circumstances. This is easier said than done. To ensure safety, continuity and efficiency, good asset management is of great importance. Daily practice teaches us that many maintenance management systems can be structured in a much better way. Who we are?

We are Vectormm. Pleased to meet you!

We support asset owners and help them create safety, continuity and value through targeted maintenance and inspection programs. Vectormm initiates, implements, optimises, works in a pragmatic and transparent way, and is completely independent.

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